About Scurator

• Scurator Ltd is a Chartered Structural and Civil Engineering Practice with over 30 years of experience in the engineering sector
• We are a medium sized consultancy, that offer a first class design service to our clients
• Although we work with large contractors, we also realise that many of our clients simply want a straight forward, no nonsense set of calculations for the design of a beam in their residential and/or commercial property. This has led to an additional service www.beamdesignservice.co.uk which deals exclusively with the design of beams
• We also recognise that most people employ an Architect to design their new extension or ‘revamp’ their house, but have not considered how the building structure needs to accommodate the new formation of loading
• In our experience, around 85% of new extension or house alterations require a beam to support an opening, or change in wall/floor/roof loading
• This is where we can help – we have the experience to listen to your proposals, review drawings and design the necessary structural beams to ensure that your requirements comply with Building Regulations and relevant Codes of Practice
• The nature of beams we are proposing to design through this website are for relatively straight forward situations, such as a new opening in a wall, or removing a load bearing wall to create an opening between two rooms
• If you require further information, or are interested in other forms of structural/civil engineering, then please visit our main website www.scurator.co.uk

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w: www.scurator.co.uk

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To learn more about Scurator and our beam design service please read this FAQ page or please go to our main website www.scurator.co.uk.

You can Quote Request and read our Cost Estimate Page from this website. If you have any questions about our service or how to order please contact us.