Cost Estimator

Our fees for designing a simplistic beam are as follows:

1. Simple single beam design £150.00 + vat
2. Simple two beams design £175.00 + vat
3. Simple three beams design £205.00 + vat

If additional beams, or more complex beam designs are required, then Scurator Ltd would price these as a bespoke project and inform the client before any design works commence.

The above cost estimator information is a guideline and Scurator Ltd have the right to review the cost for their services once all the data has been made available.

Payment terms:

• An invoice will be raised on completion of the calculations
• The invoice will be emailed to the client with 50% of the calculation data to show that the work has been undertaken
• Upon receipt of 100% of the invoice being paid, the full set of calculation data will be emailed to the client

All designs will be undertaken in accordance with the relevant Codes of Practice.