Terms and Conditions

When a client appoints Scurator Ltd beam design services via the web site or an email it is deemed they are complying with the terms and conditions identified below.
These conditions accompany our design service costs. Scurator Ltd (SL) will prepare calculations for beam designs solely for the use of the Client (the party invoiced) and its agent(s). No reliance should be placed on the contents of the calculations, in whole or in part by 3rd parties. The calculations, their content and format and associated data are copyright, and the property of the SL. Photocopying of part or all of the contents, transfer or reproduction of any kind is forbidden without written permission from SL. A charge may be levied against such approval, the same to be made at the discretion of SL.
Calculations will be produced on information obtained by third parties. The area where the beam(s) are to be located may vary when the structure is exposed during the installation works. If this is the case then SL should be notified to adjust their calculations accordingly (this may incur an additional charge).
Where the data provided by the client is limited SL will identify any areas where further information is required. If it is not possible to identify short fallings within the information provided by the client then SL will not be responsible for this lack of information. SL will endeavour to point out to the client any areas where further information is required.
SL cannot be held liable and do not warrant, or otherwise guarantee the validity of information provided by third parties and/or the client subsequently used in the calculations. SL are not responsible for the action of negligent or otherwise of builders or third parties working on site installing beams.
All information acquired by SL in the course of the calculation exercise is the property of SL, and, only also becomes the joint property of the Client on the complete settlement of all invoices relating to the project. SL reserves the right to use the information in commercial tendering and marketing, unless the Client expressly wishes otherwise in writing. The quoted rates do not include VAT (at the current rate), and payment terms are as follows

– An invoice will be issued to the client with 50% of the calculation data
– Upon receipt of 100% of the fees the final set of calculations will be issued to the client

SL reserve the right to pursue full payment of the invoice prior to release of any information including calculations. SL advise the client that they may elect to pursue their statutory rights under late payment legislation, and will apply 8% to the base rate for unreasonably late payments. SL will also apply the right to claim any associated legal costs incurred with recovery of late payments. SL is exempt from the CIS Scheme. SL offer to undertake work only in strict accordance with conditions covered by their current insurances, which are available for inspection. Professional indemnity Insurance is limited to ten times the invoice net total except where stated otherwise by SL.