Beam Design Service

Our beam design service will consider the following:
• Confirm the loading data applied to the beam
• Assess the forces applied to the beam
• Design the beam to ensure it complies with the current Codes of Practice and Building Regulations
• Design a padstone to support the beam
• Email a set of calculations in pdf format that can be submitted for Building Regulation Approval

The benefits of our beam design service:

• It is quick and easy for our clients to obtain the design calculations for the beam required to support a section of their property
• The calculations will be presented in a clear and precise manner that can be submitted to Building Control for Approval
• All calculations will be carried out by a Chartered Structural or Civil Engineer, and not a technician
• All our work is covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance
• If the work is close to our offices, we can undertake both the Architectural and Structural design services that may be required for the property
• Payment terms are straight forward

In order to carry out the above beam design service, we would need a selection of the following:

• Photographs taken externally and internally of the existing building
• Hand drawn sketches of the proposals with measurements
• Architectural plans and elevations of the proposals, if they are available
• Identification of which walls are load and/or non-loadbearing (refer to Question 8 in FAQ section)
• Please do not hesitate to ring to discuss the above requirements, and to ensure that we have enough data to undertake the design of the beam
• We operate within a number of areas across the UK, so if we feel that your requirements are particularly complex, then we may be able to offer a site visit in addition to the beam design service (however there may be an additional cost for this service)

Our beam design service is available nationwide. If you have any questions about our service or how to order please contact us.