Stokesley Crescent, Billingham

Design of 2 beams to support a chimney and the first floor where a wall is to be removed to create a larger kitchen area in this 3 bedroom house. The design for this project also included foundation underpinning works.

Clive Road, Middlesbrough 

Scurator designed a beam to support a chimney stack in the roof void where it had been removed at ground and first floor level to create a more open plan feel to the building.

Saint Petersgate, York 

Scurator designed two timber beams in a load bearing timber stud wall at this historical diocese building in York. The client wanted to gain access to two areas of the building that were previously unaccessible.

Grange View, Billingham

Design undertaken for 7 steel beams to support a number of first floor walls where openings were made at ground floor level in this two storey detached house. The removal of the ground floor walls created an open plan layout  at this level for the client.

Profile Gallery, Saltburn

Scurator designed a beam to create a new door opening in this art gallery. The beam design was relatively straight forward to assess and is in the process of being installed. Scurator also obtained Planning Permission for the clients other minor alterations to this property.